ASPDotNetStoreFront in DotNetNuke 4.8.4 Workaround for SSL

So, I did 90% of my integration work for the site I’m releasing on DNN before I read the sticky note that says DON’T USE DNN 4.8.4. He he – too late.

I seem to have everything working, but since getting around the SSL redirect problem actually required me to open the source code for DNN, I though I’d post the answer here for everyone.

1. Go to Host>SQL and run this script


DECLARE @IsSecure bit
–This controls whether your admin page should be SSL secured or not.
–1 = secure, 0 = not secure
Set @IsSecure = 1

DECLARE @ASPDNSFTabName nvarchar(100)
–if you’ve changed the name of your admin tab
–manually, update this line to reflect thatASDNSF Store Admin
SET @ASPDNSFTabName = ‘AspDotNetStorefront Admin’

–Check to make sure this will only be run once
IF (
where tabname = @ASPDNSFTabName
and url like ‘%tabid=’ + cast(tabid as nvarchar(5))

) = 0
UPDATE dbo.tabs
SET URL= url + ‘?tabid=’ + cast(tabid as nvarchar(5))
,ISSECURE = @IsSecure
where tabname = @ASPDNSFTabName

Check the Execute SQL Box

Check the Execute SQL Box

2. Go to Host>Settings, drill into the performance section and clear the cache.


1. If you’ve manually updated your Admin Tab Name, you’ll need to update the parameter at the top.
2. If you do not want your store admin page to be secure, update the issecure parameter to be 0.

Happy Nuking,

Happy Nuking,

Ryan Morgan 
Arrow Consulting & Design

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~ by dotnetnukeconsulting on September 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “ASPDotNetStoreFront in DotNetNuke 4.8.4 Workaround for SSL”

  1. Thanks Ryan, but instead of a core change, I’ve accomplished the same and more with a slick little component called
    SSLRedirect from You simple leave the native DNN SLL configs alone and secure any page on your site via the SSLRedirect config file. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. @Tom –

    I’ve used that module before as well, but I wanted to understand the problem within ASPDNSF. I had tried once before to use the Core SSL implementation and had troubles with it and thought I’d give it another go.

    Thanks for the tip


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