Manually Managing the Friendly URL’s in Your DotNetNuke Menu

On our DotNetNuke Consulting site, we have a page up for a training class that we provided for DotNetNuke a couple of years ago. Since the page has been around for a couple of years and we’ve got a couple of links to it, it’s indexed by Google pretty well. The only problem was that the URL that DNN’s friendly URL provider provided didn’t quite generate what I wanted for the search terms to be in the URL.

Here’s what I had:

Here’s what i wanted:

Now, since everything behind TabID is ignored, I could update my links that are in the rest of the content but that still wouldn’t update my menu item to have the URL I wanted. In order to do that, I needed update the database record that stores how that path is built. In the tabs table, there is a field named “TabPath” that DNN uses to build the URL. So, all I had to do was tweak the TabPath field (See Screenshot) and then use the Host Settings page to clear the cache and the URL was built with the hyphens like I wanted and was generated in the menu.


You should note that this is a DotNetNuke Hack and the URL will be overwritten by the framework any time you update the page.

Happy Nuking,

Ryan Morgan 
Arrow Consulting & Design

Arrow Consulting & Design is a consulting firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida specializing in DotNetNuke, ASP.NET, SQL and WPF Development with a portfolio filled with local, national, government and global enterprise clients.

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