Where Did My DotNetNuke Menu Go???

There is a bug in DotNetNuke where sometimes after an application reset, the cache is not built correctly. It’s very easy to know how when it happens because you navigate to your website and your dynamic menu has the home page and nothing else. Don’t panic, this is really easy to work around.

If you have access to the Host menu:
Go to Host>Host Settings, drill into Advanced Settings>Performance Settings and click the Clear Cache link (See Screenshot).

Click the "Clear Cache" Link

Click the Clear Cache Link

If there is no Host menu:
You’ll have to force the application to restart by editing the web.config very simply – like adding a space to the end of the file and saving it.

I’ve noticed that the time this is most likely to happen is right after an IISReset. So, make sure you check all of your websites after an IISReset, upgrade the .NET Framework or reboot your server.

I spoke to Joe Brinkman about this a couple of months ago when he was in Florida and he said that they’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to debug the problem and they think it is bug in the ASP.NET framework. He said that they didn’t have an answer on this, unfortunately.

Happy Nuking,

Ryan Morgan 
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One Response to “Where Did My DotNetNuke Menu Go???”

  1. Ryan,
    We ultimately found a fix for this specific issue. There was some threading issues which we believe are contributing to the problem. A fix will be included in 4.9.0 which should be out soon.

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